Coronavirus update

As everyone is aware no practical driving tests are available for the general public until about 16th June, if our calculations are correct and if things don’t get worse and the ban is extended. We will keep you informed of the latest information as we know and fit training in as the crisis eases and testing resumes. However we can still train the Emergency Services, tests are there for the Ambulance, Fire and Police services as well as theory tests.  We can help those who need these qualifications through the paperwork and tests. As an emergency service we can offer a discount to those who need these qualifications at this desperate time.
Please call and discuss your needs.

LGV / HGV driver training

Cat C LGV/HGV driver training.

Drivers holding this licence (also known as CLASS 2 or rigid) can drive vehicles over 3,500 kg and with a trailer up to 750 kg.  you can drive any rigid vehicle over 3500KG GVW up to 32000KG GVW.

C+E LGV driver training

The drivers holding this licence can drive the largest and heaviest HGVs on the road. If you hold C+E licence (also known as CLASS 1 or Artic) you can drive any vehicle over 3500KG GVW with a trailer over 750KG MAM.

B+E driver training

You will be able drive a car or van and trailer with a MAM of upto 8250kg.

Bus or coach driver training

Cat D driver training

The drivers holding Cat D licence can drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats with a trailer up to 750kg MAM

D1 driver training

The drivers holding Cat D1 licence can drive vehicles with no more than 16 passenger seats, a maximum length of 8 metres and a trailer up to 750kg MAM

Other driver training

Tractor driver training

Cat F – agricultural tractors. Offered to 16  year olds and those without Cat B (Car) licence. Tests can take upto 3 months to book, so plan ahead.

Other training offered


  • Cat B – Car

  • Module 4 training and home test

  • Refresher and confidence lessons in all categories

  • Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED)

  • Safer Driving with Age (SAGE)

  • Advice on licence requirements

  • Free Theory Test Training.

  • Fleet Training

  • Speed Recognition Training

Horse Box Training

Cat C driver training in a horse box Scania 18t rigid lorry

Contact us for HGV training in Swindon

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Benefits of using Sues HGV Driving School

  • Always one to one training.

  • No middle man involved, talk directly to the trainer from the first call.

  • Pay for the training you need, not for a set course.

  • Female HGV driving instructor available.

  • Assistance with MOD 2 at no extra costs.

  • In house MOD 4 training and MOD 4 test.

  • High first time pass rate.

  • Unlimited MOD 4 training.

  • Assistance with MOD 2 at no extra costs.

  • More time to practice driving before test.

HGV training in the following areas