Bus and Minibus Driver Training

Coronavirus update

As everyone is aware no practical driving tests are available for the general public until about 16th June, if our calculations are correct and if things don’t get worse and the ban is extended. We will keep you informed of the latest information as we know and fit training in as the crisis eases and testing resumes. However we can still train the Emergency Services, tests are there for the Ambulance, Fire and Police services as well as theory tests.  We can help those who need these qualifications through the paperwork and tests. As an emergency service we can offer a discount to those who need these qualifications at this desperate time.
Please call and discuss your needs.

Cat D or D1 PSV Driver Training

PSV Cat D or D1 training.


This will allow you to drive a rigid coach (Cat D) or minibus (D1). Class 2 training is provided on a one to one basis in Wiltshire, Swindon, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Bristol.  This means you get the training you need to pass your PSV Cat D or D1 test first time, which is why we have a high first time pass rate. Training is one to one and is charged on a daily rate subject to your experience and ability rather than a set course. Spread over a few days you have a chance to learn where you are going and work on your bad habits. The more homework you do the less days training you need.


PSV Cat D or D1 driving test.


The PSV driving test training we offer includes three parts.

  • Reversing. If you cannot reverse – do not worry, we can teach. How long it takes for you to learn it is subject to your ability.  Some people need more time to learn the skill of reversing which is why 1 to 1 Cat D or D1 training is better for them as there is no pressure to get it right quickly and you can practice as much as you like.
  • Show me tell me or safety questions. We will train you fully to complete the exercise to the test standard required.How to do this correctly is set out in detail for you to learn before you start your course.As your training is one to one you can learn this before you attempt it and practice it as much as you want or need too.
  • Practical road driving. During this test you will be assessed for ability to drive vehicle safely, perform controlled stop, selecting suitable place to stop and control vehicle speed and other criterias. 1 to 1 training you receive from us will increase your chances of passing first time.


Also we offer Module 4 training and home test.  This means you only take the test when you are ready after unlimited training for a set price.


Before you start your Cat D or D1 Coach or Minibus training.


In order to be ready for your Cat D or D1 training you need to the following:

  • Provisional Cat D or D1 entitlement. You can apply for it by sending your car driving licence with forms D2 and D4 from DVLA, we keep these forms in stock and can help you fill them in. The D4 form has to be filled in by a doctor. This could be either your GP or private firm specialising in drivers’ medical exams, again we have a list of these specialist companies. Be prepared to pay for it. You will get your driving licence back within 3 week although sometimes it may take longer.
  • Multiple-choice questions part. 115 minutes, 100 questions, 85 correct answers required to pass
  • Hazard perception part. You need to spot developing hazards in 19 videos. The pass mark is 67 out of 100.

We can help with your theory training and sometimes have study material in house for you to borrow.

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