Cat C LGV Driver Training

Cat C LGV Driver Training

HGV Cat C or Class 2 Training

This is taught in a modern rigid Scania P230 which has an automatic gearbox. It also means you are familiar with the type of trucks that blue chip companies are using.  This will allow you to drive a rigid lorry upto 32 tonnes. Class 2 training is provided on a one to one basis in Wiltshire, Swindon, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Bristol.  This means you get the training you need to pass your HGV Cat C test first time, which is why we have a high first time pass rate.Training is one to one and is charged on a daily rate subject to your experience and ability rather than a set course.  Spread over a few days you have a chance to learn where you are going and work on your bad habits. The more homework you do the less days training you need.

LGV Cat C Driving Test

From Monday 15th of November you will be able to go straight to the C+E or artic test. However if you applied before the 15th the C+E provisional entitlement is not on your licence. To have it added all you have to do is email your details to a dedicated DVLA address and on a confirmation email being sent back the entitlement will be added to your licence. The email address will be added when we get it.

The HGV LGV  Cat C or Class 2 driving test we offer training for includes three parts

  • Show me tell me or safety questions. We will supply you with the questions to learn then train you fully to complete the exercise to the test standard required and as your training is one to one you can practice it as much as you want or need too.
  • Practical road driving. From the 15th of November the Module 3 is being split into two – Module 3a and Module 3b.
    Module 3a will be the reverse and uncouple/recouple and tested by Sue and Simon as approved DVSA assessors. The cost for this has been set at £40.00 by the DVSA. Our site has been approved and Sue and Simon have been provisionally approved so next step is getting the paperwork issued then we will be up and running.Module 3b is the on road test conducted by the DVSA from the test centre at Chiseldon. This means that all tests rigid and artic will be 1 hour driving plus the show me tell me questions. The maximum number of driving faults will now be 12 not 15 and still 1 serious or dangerous will be a fail. The cost for this is still £115.00.If you fail the Mod 3a (reverse) you cannot retake the test for 24 hours. Fail the Mod 3b and that is 3 working days. 

During this test you will be assessed for ability to drive vehicle safely, perform controlled stop, selecting suitable place to stop and control vehicle speed and other criteria. 1 to 1 training you receive from us will increase your chances of passing first time.

Also we offer Module 4 training and home test.  This means you only take the test when you are ready after unlimited training for a set price.

When you book your course we send you a whole load of information to help you pass your test. Please read and learn it all before your first lesson, especially the one called Day One Routines.
We have all the forms you need to apply for your licence and can recommend Doctors to do your medical.

As ever if you have any questions please call us on 07968982707.

Scania, hill

Before you start your Cat C Training.

In order to be ready for your Cat C training you need to the following:

  • Provisional Cat C entitlement. You can apply for it by sending your car driving licence with forms D2 and D4 from DVLA or you can collect them from us, we always have a good stock. We can also help you to fill them in correctly.  The D4 form has to be filled in by a doctor. This could be either your GP or private firm specialising in drivers’ medical exams, again we have a list of doctors we recommend. Be prepared to pay for it. Yo will get your driving licence back within 3 week although sometimes it may take longer.
  • Multiple-choice questions. 115 minutes, 100 questions, 85 correct answers required to pass
  • Hazard perception. You need to spot developing hazards in 19 videos. The pass mark is 67 out of 100.
  • Module 2.  For those who want to be paid to drive you will also need to pass a computer based test.  We can tell you where to get the best study material from.

Contact us for Cat C HGV training

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Benefits of using Sue’s HGV Driving School

  • Always one to one trainin

  • No middleman involved, talk directly to the trainer from the first call

  • Pay for the training you need, not for a set course

  • Female HGV driving instructor available

  • Assistance with MOD 2 at no extra costs

  • In house MOD 4 training and MOD 4 test

  • High first time pass rate

  • Unlimited MOD 4 training

  • Assistance with MOD 2 at no extra costs

  • More time to practice driving before test

HGV training in the following areas

  • HGV training in Swindon

  • HGV training in Faringdon

  • HGV training in Cirencester

  • HGV training in Marlborough

  • HGV training in Chippenham

  • HGV training in Devizes

  • HGV training in Calne

  • HGV training in Bristol

  • HGV training in Oxford

  • HGV training in Newbury

  • HGV training in Reading