LGV Driver Training In Cirencester

HGV Cat C training in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Lorry drivers in Cirencester are trained in a modern rigid Scania P230 with an automatic gearbox. This vehicle also means you are familiar with the type of lorries used by many large operators.  Upon successful completion you will be able to drive any rigid vehicle over 7.5t. Class 2 training in Cirencester is provided on a one to one basis so you get the training you need to pass your HGV Cat C test first time. This is also a reason why we have a high first time pass rate. Training is one to one and is charged on a daily rate subject to your experience and ability rather than a set course.  Spread over a few days it gives you enough time to learn where you are going and take control of your bad habits.

Took and passed my Cat C rigid lorry test today.

Before you start you Cat C HGV training in Cirencester

You will have to have the following before you can take your HVG training:

  • Provisional Cat C entitlement. (required before you start training) You can apply for it by sending your car driving licence with forms D2 and D4 from DVLA (). The D4 form has to be filled in by a doctor. This could be either your GP or private firm specialising in drivers’ medical exams. Be prepared to pay for it. Yo will get your driving licence back within 3 week although sometimes it may take longer.
  • Multiple-choice questions part. (required before driving test) 115 minutes, 100 questions, 85 correct answers required to pass
  • Hazard perception part. (required before driving test) You need to spot developing hazards in 19 videos. The pass mark is 67 out of 100.


HGV Cat C+E driver training in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

For your Cat C+E you will be trained in a modern Scania tractor unit with twin axle trailer. The overall length of this combination is 14.9m which means that it is easier to handle on the road and easier to reverse. It is also a very popular model and is used by many operators and there is a chance that you will be driving similar vehicle when you get your first job as an articulated lorry driver.

As part of your C+E driver training in Cirencester you will learn:

  • Show me tell me or safety questions. We will train you fully to complete the exercise to the test standard required.How to do this correctly is set out in detail for you to learn before you start your course.As your training is one to one you can learn this before you attempt it and practice it as much as you want or need too.
  • Practical road driving. During this test you will be assessed for ability to drive vehicle safely, perform controlled stop, selecting suitable place to stop and control vehicle speed and other criterias. 1 to 1 training you receive from us will increase your chances of passing first time.
  • Reversing. If you cannot reverse – do not worry, we can teach. How long it takes for you to learn it is subject to your ability.  Some people need more time to learn the skill of reversing which is why 1 to 1 Cat C training is better for them as there is no pressure to get it right quickly and you can practice as much as you like.

Module 4 training in Cirencester

Once you have your HGV licence you will have to do one last thing before you can start driving for reward – pass your module 4. We offer Module 4 training and home test.  This means you only take the test when you are ready after unlimited training for a set price. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

Scania, hill


Female LGV driving instructor in Cirencester

More and more women are coming in to driving. That’s right, the days when driving a lorry was a man’s job only have long gone.
Are you a female and thinking about changing your career to HGV driving but not sure if you want to do it just yet or still have unanswered questions? You may find this group on Facebook useful. If you are ready to start training or want to find out more – contact Sue today!

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