Reviews of HGV training

Pumba Goess Saurau: I passed car trailer and lorry tests within a year!
Thanks Sue and Simon for fantastic patient instruction.

Matt: I passed Cat C Mod 4 and C+E with Sue. Great training, very flexible.

Ann Maidement:  I passed with Sue after failing with another school.
Very sensible approach to training and I got the tuition I needed to pass.

Emma James:  I passed D1 and Mod 4 with Sue, she is really patient and understanding.

Dean: I passed Cat C with Sue, great truck to drive.
Sue is very patient I find.

Robyn:  I passed B+E first time. I was very nervous but Sue gave me confidence.
Thank you!

Francis Mwangi: I needed to pass quickly for ambulance job.
Sue got me through Cat C in 3 days.  Brilliant!

Faye: ”Ecstatic to have passed my Cat. C test first time! Sue and Simon
are both fantastic teachers with endless patience and a calm teaching
style which can’t help but give you confidence behind the wheel.” 

Simon:  Cat D Pass with one hours training with my wife Sue. 

Aron:  I passed all 6 tests from C to C + E . Great help from Simon and Sue with all tests.

Keith:   I passed Cat C and Mod 4 1st time aged 58. Sue and Simon are very patient and thorough.

Lukas:  I passed C and C + E 1st time, great training, great trucks, great teachers.
Thanks Sue and Simon.

David Hillman  I had failed Cat C many times in Bristol. I had a two day refresher with Sue and passed C. She is so patient. I am doing C + C next month.

Keith:   I passed Cat C and Mod 4 1st time aged 58. Sue and Simon are very patient and thorough.

Lukas:  I passed C and C + E 1st time, great training, great trucks, great teachers.
Thanks Sue and Simon.

Andri: I passed Cat C first time with Sue. Am looking forward to C+E in October 15. Terrific instruction.

“Sue and Simon are nothing short of excellent, training was tailored to my needs. They are  both patient instructors, giving you the knowledge and skills to pass. Thank you. Smiley face.” Richard

Lottie says “I passed first time after 2 days training. Sue and Simon are very patient and thorough trainers.”

Chris Woodwood passed 1st time. “Fantastic I passed first time, fantastic tuition just fantastic training all round!!!!!”

Matt and Neil pass their test on the same day first time.

Flossie says “I passed car and trailer with Sue.  Good patient training.  Thank you.”

CI tried training with a different firm and did not enjoy it. Simon and Sue were so relaxed, thorough and put me at my ease. I have now passed cat C.  Thank you


Ed passes cat C. Sue and Simon are such fun to train with.

I passed B + E , C , mod 4 , D and C + E first time with Sue with minimum amount of training. Sue is a very good and effective trainer. Chris.

Kirsty says ” I passed first time with Sue. Can’t go wrong with her!”

Matt says “I passed first time with Sue and Simon.  Great training, thanks.”

David says “I thought I could take my test with no training, after a day with Sue I realised I so much to learn.
Thanks for getting me through my test 1st time.”

Declan says “I passed 1st time, brilliant training, thanks Simon and Sue.”

Matt and Rhys pass mod 4 first time.

Spencer says “With Sue’s thorough training I passed my tractor test 1st time. and Sue took me for my car test after 1 days training and I passed.”

Izzy McKeeman & Pumba Goes-Sauraua.   We passed our tests – Thanks for all your help.

I passed my D Test.  Sue was very knowlegable I thought.  Colin Crocker

Lucy Kernan. I passed Car, Trailer, and Lorry within 12 months.  Fantastic tuition.  Thanks Sue.

Alex Arkle  I passed Cat C and B + E. Thanks Sue for wonderful flexible training.  Thanks.

Stuart Lodge  To my surprise I passed first time. Thanks for wonderful tuition, I will never have to do magic roundabouts again.

After failing many times a few years ago Sue & Simon gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass.  Patrick Mckenan

Rachael Wood.   I passed C and B + E with Sue. Really thorough confidence giving training.

Elaine Tragett.  I bought a new lorry but had no confidence in driving it. I spent 3 hours with Sue and am now 100% confident

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