Cat B+E Training

B+E or Car and Trailer Driver Training

As of the 15th November 2021 you cannot tow a trailer without passing a test as previously advised. It is under review by the DVSA and the Government, sorry it is frustrating for all people wanting to tow a trailer. It is out of our hands. We will advise as soon as we know.

Car and Trailer Training in Swindon

Training for B+E is provided in a modern Ssanyong Korando 4×4 which has a six speed gearbox and tows an Ivor Williams 511 horse trailer. This is a twin axle full size trailer that is easy to reverse. The training is 1 to 1, this means you get the training you need to pass your car and trailer test first time. This is also one of the reasons why we have a high first time pass rate.

Another reason we have a high 1st time pass rate is our rather different approach to car and trailer B+E training. You pay a daily rate subject to your experience and ability rather than a set course. Spread over a few days you have a chance to learn where you are going and work on your bad habits. There will also be homework for you to do – the more homework you do the less days training you need.

How long it takes for you to learn to revers car with trailer is subject to your ability. Some people need more time to learn the skill of car and trailer B+E reversing which is why 1 to 1 car and trailer B+E training is better for them as there is no pressure to get it right quickly and you can practice as much as you like.

To start training for B+E you need:

Full car driving licence. You don’t need to pass another theory test. That is it.
During the test you need to show that you can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions and know The Highway Code by the way you drive.

Why do you need B+E Licence?

There are many reasons why one may need a car and trailer licence. Most often people need it for their hobbies – tow a horse box, track car, motorbike trailer or to tow a caravan and the list goes on. Less often it is required for work.
It is also considerably cheaper to get car and trailer licence than Cat C licence and you don’t need to buy another vehicle to be able to transport something that is just a little too big for your car.


Car and Trailer Training is provided in the following areas:


  • B+E driver training in Swindon
  • B+E driver training in Newbury
  • B+E driver training in Marlborough
  • B+E driver training in Faringdon
  • B+E driver training in Cirencester
  • B+E driver training in Wiltshire
  • B+E driver training in Oxfordshire
  • B+E driver training in Gloucestershire

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